In playgrounds and sports, improves safety against falls or accidents.


It is a recycled product that allows the rubber to be reused.


It has excellent resistance to abrasion and wear.


The design and the combination of colors in a safety floor for a playground is one of the most decisive aspects when making the decision by the end customer, but it is convenient to take into account other aspects.


The shock absorption capacity (HIC) determines the safety offered by the pavement in the event of a fall, therefore the UNE-EN 1177 standard establishes a criterion for the materials as well as their installation, reducing the probability of injury.


The variety in our EPDM ECOLASTIC PLAY color chart, as well as the multiple combinations in the design with drawings, games and other elements of the park make it an entertainment area, allowing children to develop their imagination in their leisure time .


Although we consider that the use of safety flooring is not considered ecological, we do take into account its origin, as well as the possibility of reusing it in other options in the future.

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